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Djinn Tribes and their History

Like Europe, Arabia is not without beings of a magical nature that are not human. Djinn tribes, like Faeries in the Northern climes, populate the mountains, deserts, and oasis' of Arabia, Outremer, and other lands in the Near East. Also like Faeries, the Djinn had no souls, and were once complete spirits of nature, created from smoke and fire. Though fewer in number in the harsh climate of Arabia, the Djinn are powerful forces with which to contend. Many travelers and caravans have been lost when the Djinn were not given their proper respect. Many mortals were taken as slaves, teachers, lovers, and food. The early Sahir learned much from the Djinn, who had watched the sky from the time of the Pharaohs and knew the stars above as well as the desert below. By the time of Solomon, Djinn were more well known and no less than seventy were bound to his service by a special ring.

Hans Georg Schaathun
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