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This material has been downloaded from Berkeley and implemented in HTML by Hans Georg Schaathun, November 1995. It is a collection of beast, originally posted to the Ars Magica mailing list.

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Animals, Creatures Tame and Wild


John Porter
Size +5
Int -4 Per -1
Str +15 Stm +8
Dex +1 Qik -1
Bite 1st +5 Atk +9 Dam +35
Fat +8 Def +3 Soak +25
Body Levels: OK, OK, OK, -1, -1, -1, -3, -3, -5, -5, Incapacitated

Carnivorous dinosaur type. Nothing special, just big and mean. A good opportunity for parties to use the big artillery type magic.

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Demons, Stealers of Souls


by David Martin
Demon Might 35
Size +2 Int +2
Fat N/A Def +0 Soak +12
Body Levels: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, Incapacitated

Travel On Air, ReAu 30, 1 Demon Point per hour- The Nightmare travels on the air rather than the ground, thus leaving no footprints or other traces, and allowing the Nightmare to travel over any surface (even water and extremely difficult terrain) with ease.

Flight, ReAu 40, 3 Demon Points per hour- The Nightmare may launch into true flight, as Wings of the Soaring Winds (reAu 25), but requiring concentration only to change the path of flight.

Extreme Speed, ReAn 35, 2 Demon Points per hour- The Nightmare may travel at twice normal speed (four times the normal speed of a galloping horse).

Travel Between Worlds, ReVi 50, 10 Demon Points- The Nightmare may travel a path "between worlds", allowing the Nightmare to cross normal distances in 1/100th the normal time and to travel to other worlds including the realm of faerie. This travel leaves the Nightmare exhausted upon arrival, and always requires a great price of the rider. The Nightmare has been known to take riders along this path, only to throw them, leaving them stranded forever in the limbo that lies between the worlds.

Command Horses, ReAn 30, 2 Demon Points- The Nightmare may command up to six horses to perform any action desired, including throwing and attacking their riders (the most often used command). The horse will remain under the control of the command for 1 minute or until the Nightmare stops concentrating, which ever is longer.


The Nightmare is a jet black horse with solid, blood red eyes and mouth. The Nightmare's hooves and teeth are razor sharp, and the Nightmare enjoys the taste of uncooked flesh. The Nightmare is a powerful demon that may be called to perform services for diabolists, but it demands expensive prices of it's summoners, and always requires human flesh as party of it's price. One must be very careful how one phrases one's request to the Nightmare, for the demon steed is known to enjoy taking travellers to the wrong destination and leave them stranded or to die.

The Nightmare does not tire from normal exertion (but see Travel Between Worlds, above), and moves at twice the speed of a galloping horse whenever it carries a rider (resulting in about four times normal horse travel distance). The Nightmare travels smoother than normal horses, but makes no effort to keep on any rider it carries, and thus it's breakneck pace requires a rider to make ride rolls of 9+ for every half hour (or fraction thereof) of travel (diabolists who use the Nightmare's services often have charms or spells to help them stay on). The Nightmare is extremely independant, and never accepts anyone or anything as master (even the Prince of Darkness sometimes has problems). The Nightmare only gives rides when it's price makes the effort worthwile. The Nightmare will never tolerate a saddle, and will not take kindly of anyone who suggests such a thing (it may offer them a free ride...).


1) A diabolist hires the Nightmare's services to take a member of the covenant on a ride between the worlds (where the Nightmare is supposed to leave the character). The character is thrown before the Nightmare crosses the boundary, however, and, after the character has returned to the covenant, the Nightmare continues to return to the covenant, seeking to convince the character to once again take a ride.

2) A magus hears of a legendary place that is no longer connected to this world, and that can only be travelled to by means of the Nightmare. If the magus decides to enlist the Nightmare's services (which is against the Code of Hermes), he will have to meet the Nightmare's demands of payment, including human flesh and probably very rare and/or very valuable magical and mundane items.

3) A charm of great power has the true name of the Nightmare inscribed on it, and when the name is spoken, the Nightmare will appear. The Nightmare will perform up to three services in return for the charm, but the possessor of the charm must be *very* careful about what services are requested, so as not to insult the Nightmare more than it already is. If the possessor of the charm insults the Nightmare or refuses to turn over the charm, the Nightmare will begin a vendetta against the possessor, probably ending in the possessor's death and permanent residence in Hell.


by Eric ??
Magic Might 25
Size 0, Int +1, Str +1, Stm +0, Dex +3, Qik +3
Bite: 1st +10 Atk +10 Dam +8
Fat +5 Def +6 Soak +5
Body Levels: 0,0,-1,-1,-3,-3,-5,Incap.

The Demon's Curse: After any successful bite Syklath can transfer this disease for 2 dp. The effects are as follows, twice each day sunrise/ sunset the afflicted must make a STM roll of 6+ or lose one point of Prs permanently. Each time a roll is missed add one to the roll needed on the successive try. After a total of 8 pts of Prs have been lost the victim is dead from the numerous pus like wounds on the body. Only a church healing has any effect on the disease, anyone with true faith can demand the disease be gone ending the curse after one more att.(Church Lore roll 14+ to know this)


Syklath appears as a 4.5ft long rat with Glowing red eyes. He will always be accompanied by 25 normal rats who obey him totally. He is unusual in that he has a fear of fire and takes double damage from it. If attacked with fire he will do nearly anything to flee.

Skylath's corpse is worth five perdo vis.


Well, in this universe Syklath never panned out like he should have. The characters encountered him inside an abandoned and beached ship. The players entered through a hole in the port side and were all in, save three, when just as his planned, Syklath leapt from the deck above and pinned his victim. Due to a superior combo of rolls, armor, and skill the victim held off the bite for round after round. All poor Syk wanted was one bite then he was heading for the water. He hoped to devour the corpse later when it was more pus ridden as he enjoys. Alas that day never came and poor Syklath was stapled to the sand.

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Dragons and their Kind, Noble Wyrms

Cloud Drake

by John Porter
Magic Might 25
Size +3
Int +3 Per +2
Str +5 Stm +5
Qik +1

Meld into Mist, MuCo 35, 4 Magic Points- Causes drake to turn into mist, but maintain shape. Hard to hit but it can't do a lot in this form.

Air Blast, MuAu 20, 3 Magic Points- Massive gust of air surrounds up to two targets within one pace area, lifts them up, and blows them 35 paces away. Aim +2 on primary target, -2 on secondary. Damage is +2.

Call the Mists, CrAu 15, 2 Magic Points- Thick fog forms where caster wishes, within his sight. Diameter 9 paces. Totally obscures vision for all but caster (or anyone who makes magic resistance vs. +15 penetration). Dissipates after 10 minutes.

Call Forth the Anger of the Clouds, MuAu 20, 2 magic points- Calls forth a storm (takes 10 minutes), after which lightning may be called forth to the earth. Caster then controls a total of four bolts of lightning, one every other round. Bolts are Aimed with +15 Damage. Concentration required throughout.

Speak Own Language 5, Weather Sense 3, Evaluate Jewelry 3, Diplomacy 4, Dragon Lore 4, Speak Some Human Language (storyguide option) 4

Typical dragonish look, light blue in color, good flyer, long whiskers. Some chance of being friendly, storyguide option.

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Ex Miscellanea, Those who Fit Nothing Else

Cleach (Magical Parasites)

by John Porter
Magic Might 18
Size -8 Dex -5 Qik -5
No attack, no defense
Body Levels: Ok, Squished

Drains one Parma Magica protection point every 15 minutes. Can also drain off other enchantments (storyguide option); the Cleach exists by absorbing mafic from its hosts. [ed note: this was developed under the first edition rules. It is about equivalent now to draining one point of Parma Magica skill every 75 minutes, and having it return when the Cleach is gotten rid off -SA]

Host has -1 to all spell casting rolls (Cleach can absorb a little of the magic from a cast spell).

Sense Magic.


The Cleach occurs in highly magical swamps where it can find magical hosts to burrow into. This leech-like creature is so small as to be normally un- noticed. It attaches to any creature on which it detects magic. The Cleach then drains Parma or other magic resistance at the given rate. This drain is usually not noticed until such a time as the host is attacked by magic. Note that multiple Cleaches are likely to attach to a single host, in which case the draining rate is multiplied and so is the penalty on spell casting. If a careful examination of the host is made, the Cleach is detected on a Scan + Chirurgy roll of 8+. Once detected, it can be removed by a simple Chirurgy procedure (requires no roll, but must be done by someone with Chirurgy skill and is slightly painful), or the application of salt or cold. Note that if the host enters a cold environment (below freezing), the Cleaches will drop off even if undetected. A spontaneous Perdo Vim spell of level 10 may also rid the host of his Cleaches, but their magic resistance must be overcome!

These little guys are lots of fun to put into the early part of an adventure. By stressing the area in which the magi are operating, they often get the impression that their magic losses are a property of the region (similar to an Infernal aura) rather than of an encounter they didn't even notice. The first fight after they pick them up can be quite interesting, with all the Parmas reduced...


by John Porter
Magic Might +15
Size +5; Str +3
Acid: 1st NA, Atk NA, Dam +2 (+2 per round engulfed)
Soak +1

Enchantment- Once in sight, the beholder will be subject to their magical scent (ReMe 35, penetration 40). Smelling the pollen requires a roll of Stress die + Stamina - Perception (that's right, good perception hurts in this case). Results as follows:

4 or less:
enter pod, sleepy for 24 hours even if rescued
fall asleep on ground, sleepy for 24 hours if awakened
stand and admire beatiful plant (no other actions)
Lethargic. -2 to quickness for 8 hours
8 or more:
no effect

These rolls must be repeated every round as long as the scent is active. When a pod is entered, it closes immediately and the character is helpless until rescued. Digestive acids activate the following round (see above). Damage starts slow but increases!


Mantrappers are immune to Mentem and Corporem spells, and only take half damage from non-edged weapons. However, they take double damage from fire.

Usually grow in small groups. Each plant has 1d10 pods. Auram spells can affect the scent, according to spell and at storyguide's discretion. Plants will be constantly trying to re-establish the scent, however, so 'instant' Auram spells will only clear the air for a round or two. The difficulty of these will depend strongly on luck. If the characters do well on their stamina rolls, they are easy to kill. If key characters are sleeping or in pods, the encounter can get real nasty.

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Faeries, Enigmas of the Wilderness


by Ramsey Dow
Faerie Might 15
Size -1, Int 0 Str +4, Stm +6
Malefic +4 Fat n/a Def +5 Soak +7
Damage inflicted by objects of iron do an additional +1 damage.
Body Levels: OK, 0, 0, -3, -5, Incapacitated

Disappear, 1 Faerie Point. As per Marlossi's (Lady of Light) ability of the same name (Ars Magica, 2nd Ed., pp. 123). Due to the Duergar's strong ties with the earth they are loathe to use this ability. In fact, they will only use this ability in only two instances: to escape daylight and when near to death.

Extinguish Flames, 2 Faerie points. As per the Goblin power of the same name (Ars Magica, 2nd Ed., pp. 124).

Illusory Abode, ReIm 25, 5 Faerie points. This power enables the Duergar to bring into existence a small dwelling (such as a small 10 ft. by 8 ft. stone hut) and maintain it for up to 12 hours. It is dispellable by the Duergar at will. To a magus, this CrMe power is of roughly the 20th mag- nitude.

Illusion of the Shifted Image, ReMe 20, 5 Faerie points. This power is similar in nature to the ReMe 10 spell of the same name. The changes incurred by the Duergar's Faerie power has effectively brought the spell to the 20th magnitude, however. This power enables the Duergar to shift an object (including illusory objects) up to 30 paces in any direction. The Duergar is free to move during the illusion's execution and it will not disappear if touched. (It will disappear when willed so by the Duergar or after 12 hours have passed.)

Alertness 6 Climb 4 Contortions 4 Stealth 8

Duergar appear much as their Dwarfen cousins: short and stocky humanoids around 5 ft. in height. Unlike Dwarfs, however, Duergar are hunched in appearance. Their necks jut out from their curved shoulders at 45-degree angles. Moreover, their foreheads slope at slight angles to the crown giving them a nearly-flat-headed appearance. Prickly, gray hair radiates from their heads, giving them a wild appearance. Duergar typically dress in tattered and dirt-soiled clothes. They do not wear shoes or boots as the soles of their feet are tough like leather. They like to fight with bronze battle axes, but are not adverse to hurling fist-sized stones at their opponents.

Hailing from the Northern Marches of England, the Duergar are members of the Unseelie Court. Their hatred of humanity is bested only by a few of those of the evil host of Faerie. Although they have no qualms toward engaging in fierce combat, they prefer to destroy their opponents by means of cruel tricks and traps.

Normally Duergar are found only in dank tunnels beneath the surface of the earth, for it is there that they make their homes. Duergar will never be found in the sunlit world during their day. They, like Dwarfs, cannot with- stand the rays of the sun and, if exposed to daylight, will turn to stone.

Their corpses are worth 8 points of Terram vis.


If the Magi players are not at the top of their covenant's heirarchial ladder then you could have one of the ranking Magi send the players on a quest to a Duergar citadel in order to retrieve some precious element (for use as a component in a powerful spell). If the player Magi are the masters of their own covenant then you can require said element as a component of one of their newly devised spells. Regardless of how this story is initiated, the outcome will be the same: go and get the element. The Duergar will, of course, be extremely irritated with anyone who entertains the idea of ``stealing'' from their citadel cum mine. The players must face the Duergar along with their cruel traps in their twisting caverns.

Gallius, a Centaur

by Dave Martin
Faerie Might 12
Size +2
Int 0 Fat +3 Soak +7
Body Levels: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, Incapacitated

Speak with Beasts, InAn 25, 0 Faerie Points. Gallius may speak with all animals which travel over or upon the earth. Creatures which travel under the earth or under water are beyond his ability to communicate.

Battle Cry, ReMe 25, 3 Faerie Points. Gallius may bellow out a tremendous battle cry at will, causing all mortals within 5 paces to be deafaned and stunned into inaction for one round unless they can make Stm rolls of 12+.

Fury, ReCo 30, 3 Faerie Points. Gallius will go into a furious rage if anyone damages the woods in his presence. While in this rage, he gains a +3 to Str (including damage rolls), and suffers no penalty from wounds or fatigue. He will snap out of his rage when all his opponents have been vanquished or fled, or when he is incapacitated due to wounds or fatigue. When he snaps out of his rage, he will automatically lose one fatigue level (which may knock him unconscious).


A combination of man and horse, with the torso, arms, and head of a man connected to the body of a horse where the horses head and neck would normally be. Gallius is a rough man, with a large, misshapen nose and a gruff, surly manner. He is very protective of his woods, and he does not appreciate the tresspass of those who would harm his woods or take from them without giving something in return. He can sense people with the gift, and is very impressed by those who have the gentle gift.

Gallius is a forester and the most natural horseman, and as such, has many abilities not listed as powers, including the ability to track and survive in the woods, knowledge of plants and herbs in the forest, and the ability to jump great distances. The storyguide should deal with these as he sees fit.

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Fantastic Beasts, Bane of the Wilderness

The Basilisk

by Shannon Appel
Magic Might 20
Size -2, Cun +1 Per 0, Stm +1
Lethargy +1; Viciousness +1 Bite: 1st +2 Atk +6 Dam +5
Fat +1 Def +0 Soak +10
Body Levels: OK, -1, -5, Incapacitated

Basilisk's Gaze, MuCo 25, 0 points -Once per round, the basilisk will randomly attempt to make eye-contact with one person (as per eyecontact magic). If this eye-contact is made, the hapless player is turned into solid stone, instantly. As per the rules for Dave Martin's spell, Medusa's Hideous Gaze, the target may make one Stm roll of 12+ to resist the change. Any damage done to the statue will be turned into wounds if the person ever manages to get changed back to flesh. Under normal conditions, the change to stone is permanent.


The Basilisk is a vicious lizard, about the size of a medium dog. Its scale are mottled green, and its mouth is full of hundreds of extremely sharp teeth. The Basilisk has violet eyes which seem to draw your attention... The Basilisk is not an evil creature - it would rather be left alone. However, if it is disturbed, it becomes a bundle of hate which will gladly kill anything that crosses it.

The eyes of a Basilisk are worth 3 Muto vis each.


1) In the village close to the Covenent,people have begun to disappear without a trace. Unknown to them, a Basilisk has taken up residence in a nearby cave. The Covenent is, of course, begged to help..

2) One of the leaders of the Covenent has found that the eyes of a basilisk are a very useful ingrediant in making his longevity potion. The apprentice mage, trying to gain full membership to the covenent, is chosen to collect these items for him.

Dream Snake

by Dave Martin
Magic Might 6
Size -3, Cun -2
Bite: 1st +8 Atk +10 Dam +2
Fat +0 Def +0 Soak +2
Body Levels: OK, -1, -5, Dead

The venom of the Dream Snake brings sleep and peaceful dreams, unless the target can make a Stm roll of 13+. The venom of immature Dream Snakes is less potent, requiring a Stm roll of only 7+.


Hypnosis, ReMe 25, 2 Magic Points. Dream Snakes are relatives of Dragons, and have the Draconic ability to entrance animals and people with their eyes. A victim of this entrancement must make a Stm+Int roll of 12+ or become completely paralyzed, doing nothing but standing and staring into the Dream Snake's eyes.


Dream Snakes look like normal snakes with light blue scales and pink eyes. The underbelly of the Dream Snake is tinted pink, and the ridge of the Dream Snake's back is colored in bright and intricate multicolored patterns, the pattern differing from snake to snake. The inside of the Dream Snake's mouth is a bright pink, but it's teeth are white.

DreamSnake's prefer cold, dark caverns, and do not see well in bright light. They see perfectly without light, even in complete darkness. Wild Dream Snakes do not like intrusion by anything other than the rodents they eat, but newly hatched Dream Snakes may be domesticated, and make good tempered pets, but will not grow to full size unless raised in a cold, dark environment.

The venom of an adult Dream Snake contains 2 pawns of Imagonem and 1 pawn of Mentem vis. The egg of an unhatched Dream Snake contains 1 pawn of Imagonem vis.


A wandering storyteller enters the covenant, and entertains the grogs with a story about far mountains which contains dream snakes, whose bites brings blissful, dream-filled sleep, and a peaceful death for the mortally wounded. The dream snakes lair deep in a cold, wet cavern which the storyteller can lead the magi to (for a price). The dream snakes are being guarded by a large group of brigands, whom the leader keeps addicted to the dream snake bites. [This idea came from a book whose title I don't remember]

Lizard Man

by John Porter
Magic Might 6
Size 6, Int -1, Per -1, Str +2, Stm +2, Dex -1, Qik -1 Fat +0 Def +3 Soak +6 (in their typical leather armor)

Thief of the Stolen Breath, PeAu10, 0 points- Target loses one fatigue level automatically (Assuming penetration successful) and loses a second fatigue level unless a stamina roll of 7+ is made successfully.

Speak Own Language 5 Brawl 2 Bite 2 Dodge 4

Typical bipedal lizard monsters. Fairly well organized, will usually attack in groups. A group may be accompanied by a leader with better attributes, or may be lead by another monster type (or even by humans in some cases). The fatigue attack can be especially interesting against the magi, although penetration can be a problem. Could be interesting as a follow up to an infestation by Cleaches.

The Sphynx ("The Riddler")

by Shannon Appel
Magic Might 35
Str +4, Int +3 Per +2, Stm +3
Arrogant +4
Fat +6 Def +1 Soak +21
Body Levels: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, Incapacitated

Fearsome Roar, ReMe 25, 5 MP- When the Sphynx becomes annoyed with a party, he will let out a loud roar. This will totally paralyze with fear all who fail an 8+ roll on Int. Each round, the victim may attempt to break this paralysis. If attacked, the paralyzed victim may recover enough to run away.


Upon this creature's huge leonoid body sits the head of a man. Rather than being a bizarre mutant, however, the Sphynx is an extremely majestic creature; it seems to have the charisma of a King.

The Sphynx loves riddles. If a poor, unfortunate party runs into him, he will probably offer a riddle game. If they win, he will give them some gift. If the Sphynx wins, well that should not be dwelled on...

The body of the Sphynx is worth 10 Intellego Vis and 5 Mentem Vis.


You could use this as a base for a very interesting story set in Egypt. Also glance at the Scroll of Thoth, in Ars Magica, page 154.

The White Unicorn

by Shannon Appel
Magic Might 40
Size +2, Int +1, Per +1 Stm +7
Honorable +4
Body Levels: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, Incapacitated

Aura of Peace, ReMe20, no magic points- this beautiful creature is always surrounded by an aura which prevents it from being attacked. To overcome it, a 9+ roll must be made (modified by Int). This need only be made once each time that the aura is entered.

Heal, CrCo 20, 5 MP- When the unicorn touches its horn to someone, it may heal one body level, automatically.

Cure, CrCo 25, 12 MP- By touching its horn to someone, the unicorn may cure ALL poisons, diseases and premature aging.


The White Unicorn is a vastly beautiful creature. You could never mistake it for a horse due to the elegant spiralling horn growing from the center of its forehead. The unicorn is attracked to virgins, those of true faith and those who are pure of heart.

The unicorn's body is worth 10 Animalem vis, and it is reputed that Heal and Cure may be retained in the horn if certain rituals are practiced.


The leader of the Covenent is struck down by an awful disease, which the most powerful Creo Corporem spells seem only to slow. The players must seek out and find the White Unicorn, to try to cure him. Unfortunately, as the players will learn, the Unicorn has been captured by a powerful evil witch who has her own plans for the beast...

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Giants, the Races of Cain


by John Porter
Magic Might 15
Size +3, Int -2, Per +1 Str +6, Stm +3 Pre -2, Com -1 Dex -1, Qik -1
Cowardly +2, Disloyal +3, Mean +2
Giant Mace: 1st +5 Atk +6 Dam +17
Fat +3 Def +3 Soak +10 (Leather Armor)
Body Levels: OK, -1, -1, -3, -3, -5, Incapicated

Inflict Pain (CrMe15+PeCo15), 3 might points- Target must make Stamina roll >= 6 or incapacitated, target can try again following rounds if roll missed.

Brawl 3 Drinking 2 Evaluate Torture Device 3 Mace Attack 4 Speak Own Language 4 Torture 6

Has two heads, obviously. This particular Ettin was a torture specialist; those attributes could be changed. The Ettin's body contains five pawns of Corporem vis.


by Ian Barkley
Magic Might 30
Size +2 Int -4, Str +8 Stm +6
Mean +2
First: 1st +2 Atk +10 Damage +25/+2
Fat +5 Def +2 Soak +23
Body Levels: OK, 0, -1, -2, -3, -4,-5, Incapacitated

If the blow of an ogre is not parried, it gets +25 damage. If the blow is parried with a shield, it still does +2 damage. If it parried with a weapon, the wield must make a strength + skill roll to hold on his weapon of 10+ if it is a one-handed weapon or 5+ if it is two-handed.


Ogres are a slightly smaller versions of giants. They are quite strong and hearty, but have little magic about them. They are found only in wilderness regions, for the race has an extreme fondness for human flesh... They are often hunted down by knights or magi when then enter populated areas and are too stupid to leave.


by John Porter
Magic Might: 13
Size +1 Int -4, Per +3 Str +3, Stm +3 Pre -1, Com -3 Dex +1, Qik +1
Brave +2 Loyal -2 Violent +4 Dishonest +1
Bite 1st +6 Atk +13 Dam +9
Fat +3 Def +3 Soak +9
Body Levels: OK, -1, -1, -3, -5, Incapacitated

Regeneration, 5pts- can regain one body level every third round.

Bite 2 Brawl 5 Dodge 3 Speak Own Language 4

Just a troll converted to Ars Magica. Not quite as bad as in some game systems, but if the storyguide calls it a Troll it will sure get the players worried! Add weapons if desired... Body contains 3 pawns of Creo vis. The troll will take double damage from any fire attacks.

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Magical Creations, Born of Vim

The Sirrush

by Dave Martin
Magic Might 25
Size +3, Cun -4, Per +5
Gore: 1st +3 Atk +6 Dam +20
Def 0, Soak +15
Body Levels: OK, 0, 0, -1, -1, -3, -3, -5, -5

The Sirrush never sleeps or ages. It has a Magic resistance of 50 versus spells which attempt to prevent the Sirrush from performing it's duty (Sleep spells, spells which harm it's perception, etc). The Sirrush can see through illusions with a Per+Second Sight roll of 17+.

Alertness 7* Second Sight 7

The Sirrush is a magical beast from Babylonian mythology, found in the service of powerful magicians. The stats and description given here were adopted (with heavy modification) from the description in the GURPS Bestiary, (c) 1989, Steve Jackson Games.

A Sirrush is a magical lizard-like animal the size of an ox, with scales, a long neck, and claws on it's rear legs. It is usually encountered as the guardian creature of some powerful mage - a truly powerful mage may control two or three of them, but that seems to be the limit.

The Sirrush is set up to guard one particular thing (a door, an item, etc.), and will guard that thing to the exclusion of all else. The Sirrush will attack anyone who approaches the thing it guards, ignoring all other thefts around it.

The Sirrush may be instructed to allow others to get at the thing it guards, but may only be so instructed by the mage who summoned it.

It's eyes are worth 4 pawns of Intelligo vis each.


A hedge wizard comes to the covenant asking for help to drive off a foul beast (A Sirrush) which is preventing him from entering his own lab. In return, he offers a magic charm he recently aquired, which he says protects the wearer from demons.

In truth, the lab is not the hedge wizards, but the lab of a dead magus, whom the hedge wizard found. In the lab, the hedge wizard found the charm, and a book with a spell to summon a Sirrush. The hedge wizard summoned the Sirrush and instructed it to guard the lab, but he was not strong enough to control it, so the Sirrush would not let him into the lab.

The hedge wizard does not actually know what the charm does (he cannot identify it). You can make it what you like, but I suggest you make it a medallion to increase the wearer's Str when the sun is in the sky, starting at +1 at dawn, increasing to +3 at noon, and decreasing back down to +1 at dusk, and then no increase at night. The above effect is non-Hermetic, but is effectively CrCo 25, with an Ignem requisite. You may wish to make it more difficult to identify (say, as a level 40 effect) since it is non- Hermetic.

In addition, the book the hedge wizard got the Sirrush summoning spell is in the lab. It has the Summon Sirrush spell and some non-Hermetic Magic Theory (worth little to Hermetic magi).

Stone Guardian

by John Porter
Magic Might: 13
Size +1, Str +4, Dex -1, Qik -1
Fist(x2): 1st +3 Atk +5 Dam +10
Def -2 Soak +12
Body Levels: OK, OK, OK, -1, -1, -1, -3, -3, -3, -5, -5, Incapacitated
Brawl 4 Fist 3

The Stone Guardian is immune to normal missiles, acid, poison, Mentem spells, Corporem spells and fatigue. It takes one quarter damage from edged weapons, and one half damage from fire attacks, which includes Ignem spells.

It is sort of a magical guardian constructed from stone. Maybe whoever set the guards knows how to construct them? Due to spell immunities, this monster can make the grogs seem pretty important, especially if they can use a mace!

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Shapeshifters, Those Who Walk as Beasts


by John Porter
Magic Might 13 Size 0

Int +1 Str +1

Stm +3 Dex +1

Qik +1 Claws:

1st +6 Atk +7 Dam +11

Fat +5 Def +3 Soak +5 Body Levels: OK, OK, -1, -1, -3, -5, Incapacitated


Immune to normal weapons, may only hit by those which are silver or enchanted.

Howl, 0 pts- causes anyone within 100 to roll 7+ on a stress die + int + 2 * concentration to avoid being confused. Abilities: Speak Own Language 5 (usually local human language) Run 3 Track 7 Wolf Handling 3


The wolfwere is a man with the head of a wolf. Many, howeverr, have the capability to masquerade as full humans. Wolfweres usually have a pack of wolves under their control

The corpse of a wolfwere is worth 4 points of Muto vis.

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Undead, Stalkers of the Night


by Dave Martin
Magic Might 3+ (see below)
Size: N/A (0 for sight purposes)
Int: -4 and up
No Attacks
Fat N/A Def +0 Soak +0*
Body Levels: OK, 0, -1, -3, Destroyed
The shade has no Size or physical substance, but it may be damaged with magical attacks.

Chilling Touch, PeIg 15, 1 Magic Point- The Shade's touch sends an icy chill over a person's body, causing them to lose a fatigue level, and lose a second one unless they make a Stm roll of 9+.

Whither, PeCo 20, 4(3) Magic Points- Whithers one of the target's limbs, at random. The Shade must touch the target for this power to work. The Shade must have 4 Magic Points to use this power, but if successful, it only costs the Shade 3 Magic Points overall, since it drains life energy from the target to replenish itself.

Age, PeCo 25, 6(3) Magic Points- As with Whither above, this power costs 6 Magic Points, but if it is successful, the Shade drains 3 Magic Points worth of energy from the target.

Kill, PeCo 30, 10(-1) Magic Points- As Clenching Grasp of the Crushed Heart (PeCo 40), but the Stm roll is only 6+. If this power succeeds (and the Stm roll fails), the Shade actually gains one Magic Point from the exchange.

Possession, ReMe 40, 15 Magic Points- The Shade may possess a body completely, taking full control of the target's physical motions but gaining no access to the victim's thoughts or memories. The target gets no resistance roll unless s/he has Faerie Blood or something equivalent, in which case the resistance roll must be 12+ (add Int). The Shade may possess the body for up to a month unless it is excorcised. In any case, the possession will end when the Shade completes it's business.

Seal Vow, ReVi, All Magic Points- If anyone vows to complete the Shade's business, the Shade will dissipate, using it's entire magic essence to bind the target to the vow. If the target fails to complete the vow within one month, the target will suffer the effects of a curse, the power of which depends upon the Magic Might the Shade had when it sealed the vow. Figure about the equivalent of a flaw with points equal to -1/4 of the Shade's Magic Might. This curse will abate as soon as the target fulfills the vow. If the target dies without completing the vow, the target will become a shade, and continue the cycle.


The shade seems little more than a pool of shadow until one gets close enough to realize that the shadow has a vague human outline. To begin with, the shade is almost transparent, and the form shows almost no details, but as the shade drinks more blood (see below), the blackness within the Shade deepens, and the Shade's features become much more defined. The area near the Shade is very cold, and the stronger the Shade gets, the greater the area covered by this chill. Anyone touching the Shade or entering the space it occupies must make a Stm roll of 6+ or lose a fatigue level; for each fatigue level lost in this manner the Shade gains 1 Magic Point.

The shade is the spirit of someone who died with some deed unfinished. Usually this deed involves the delivery of some item or information to some person or place. Initially, the shade is a weak spirit - it has very limited mobility away from the place of it's death, and it cannot even speak unless it is given human blood to drink. For each drop of blood the shade receives, it may speak only a few words, so for any meaningful conversation with the shade, one must provide it with quite a bit of blood.

Speech is not the only benefit the shade gains from blood, however for every three drops of blood the shade receives, it's Magic Might will increase by one point, and it's thirst for blood will increase. The shade will gain greater mobility and speed, and the clarity of it's thoughts (it's Int) will increase as well, up to the score the person had in life. Depending upon the nature the shade had in life, the shade will either try to convince those it speaks to to complete the shade's unfinished business, or the shade will try to lead those it speaks to along, gaining more and more blood until the shade is strong enough to possess someone and complete the shade's business personally. This is more difficult than it seems, because the shade must have both enough Magic Points to perform the possession, and enough Magic Points to resist excorcism once the possession has begun.

The quickest way to get rid of a Shade is to vow to finish it's duty. The danger, however, is that if you fail to complete your vow within one month, the shade will curse you (see above).

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