The History of Storytelling

Some thoughts on Roleplaying by Hans Georg 95-12-06. Thanks to White Wolf for the great inspiration from the game of Ars Magica.

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Once upon the time people gathered by the fire to tell eachother stories. In the Evening they breathed life into the famous beings which they very rarely met, but who, no doubt inhabited the world together with them. There were faeries and trolls, wizards and whiches. And the stories brought people together.

Then came the day of automatization.

The stories were suddenly served by television. The people degenerated to watchers - and the entertainment they got served was already digested.

but some people would not accept this.

With all they effort they sat down to reshape the Art of Storytelling. This was not an easy task, though - cause most had been forgotten during the many years which had passed. Therefore they decided to do it in a different way. The storyteller should not have all this responsibility on her own - and the other folks should not just be listeners - they should all tell the story together.

Thus the modern Art of Storytelling - The Roleplaying Game - was born. Now each player has her own character in the story - and by breathing life her character, she makes her contribution to an exciting story - come, let's pretend.

The storyteller leads the game, and tells the story about the world around the characters. There are always enemies causing trouble, friends in need and mysteries in the world - and it is the problems which make the good stories.

The storyteller has had many a title during the years since the very first roleplaying game - game master, dungeon master, keeper, storyteller and storyguide. The first titles are from the days when the storyteller still should keep full mastery over the story, but by the development of the storyguide - the whole troupe are responsible for making an enjoyable story.

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