About this presentation

This web presentation is an extended and completely reworked version of the paper with the same name. A number of pointers to external sources of information have also been added to assist the reader who is interested in more background material. Several interactive demonstrations are included to clarify and illustrate the material including the actual user-interface for the program described in this presentation.

To view these pages

These web-pages make use of a plug-in for viewing Tcl/tk applications. One can retrieve this plug-in from Sunlabs. It is currently available for Netscape 3.0 on the following plattforms:Solaris for SPARC, Solaris for INTEL, SunOS, Macintosh - updated 8/21/96, Linux, and, IRIX. It is also available for Windows 95 and Windows NT 3.51 and 4.0 using Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer.

For users who cannot view Tcl/tk applications we also suply the same information using images. The Tcl/tk applications are marked with a button and the corresponding images are marked with a button. Tcl/tk was chosen since the user interface of the tool presented here is implemented using Tcl/tk. In this way we can incorporate the actual user interface in the presentation.

Getting around

The leftmost frame gives direct access to the main parts of this presentation. In addition each page has been extended with a clickable map showing the relative placement of the page. In this map the current page is purple, while ordinary pages are yellow. Pages containing TCL/TK applications and their complement pages using images are green. Text marked in blue is hyperlinked to more back-ground material and web-pointers.