Fredrik Manne

Fredrik Manne works as a researcher at Parallab. His main work is related to assisting users of Parallab's various parallel computers. For more information regarding his work and publications visit his home page.

He graduated from the Department of Informatics, at the University of Bergen with the degree of Dr.Scient. in 1993, with the thesis "Load Balancing in Sparse Matrix Computations". After this he worked two years for Norsk Hydro with projects related to scientific/super computing, before joining forces with Parallab in 1995.

The main ideas for the current project were conceived while testing a new version of the black oil reservoir simulator Eclipse produced by GeoQuest. A new version of the code had been introduced where certain parts of the code had been rewritten to execute in parallel on a cluster of workstations. The program contained several bugs that only occurred on long runs, thus making it very hard to determine what was causing the actual error. Out of this frustration grew the idea for the current presentation.