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Work address

Fredrik Manne          phn: +47 55 584190        `/_/_|_\_\ `  The Rain In Spain
Dep. of Informatics    mob: +47 40 224437       `     |  oo  `  Falls Mainly In
University of Bergen        `    |  <  `       Bergen.
N-5020 Bergen, Norway  `  `  J  --  `
Office: The High Technology Center, The Data building, Room 3145 (Third floor, to the left out of the elevator, and at the far end of the building)

The High Technology Center is located a 10 minutes walk from the center of Bergen and a 20 minutes drive from the airport. How to get there.

Home address

Tobrotet 48
5355 Knarrevik
Phn: (+47) 56 311981
How to get there:
Riksvei 555 out of town towards Sotra (west),
Across the Sotrabro,
2nd road to the left (towards Brattholmen),
2nd road to the left (30 km/h zone),
3rd road to the left (the road ends),
2nd road to the left,
1st road to the left,
1st house on the left side (Bluish gray, 2 stories)
Remember this sequence: 2, 2, 3, 2, 1, 1 and you will get there! 
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