Parallel Computing

On-line books and courses

  • Designing and Building Parallel Programs, by I. Foster. Web Tours.
  • MPI: The Complete Reference by M. Snir, S. Otto, S. Huss-Lederman, D. Walker and D. Dongarra.
  • Parallel Computing Works, by G. Fox, R. Williams, and P. Messina.
  • Scientific Supercomputing by W. Schönauer.
  • EPCC-TEC Interactive Courses EPCC Training and Education documents
  • MAN-T&EC Courses
  • CSEP - Computational Science Education Project
  • NPAC Education Programs
  • UC Berkeley CS267 Home Page: Spring 1996
  • Parallel computing standards

    On-line Documentation and Information about Machines

  • Intel Supercomputers
  • SiliconGraphics Technical Publications
  • Cray Supercomputing Systems
  • IBM High-Performance Computing, IBM RS6000
  • CM5 Documentation
  • Parallel Computing Sites