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INF339 - Utvalgte emner i algoritmer og kompleksitet (Advanced Topics in Algorithms and Complexity)

Course Description: This year INF 339 is on Satisfiability (SAT) problem, applications and related topics. There will be joint lectures with INF 349 (advanced topics in cryptography). The main topics are

  • Why SAT? (Place of the SAT( k-SAT) problem in the Theory of Algorithms.)
  • Main theoretic ideas behind SAT solvers
  • Describing symmetric ciphers with k-SAT instances, cryptanalytic algebraic attacks via solving SAT problems.
  • k-SAT and graph theoretic problems. 2-SAT and MAX-CUT. Matrix multiplication and exponential algorithms. Constraint Satisfaction problems (CSP).
  • How do SAT solvers work in practice? Decision heuristics.

There will be a set of papers to read over the course. The format will be lecture and discussion, with a small amount of homework. We meet at 10.15 on Mondays (room 2103) and Thursdays (room 2101)

List of talks

  • 04/09 SAT, general discussions (Fedor)
  • 07/09 Solving 3-SAT (Fedor)
  • 11/09 Paturi, Pudlak, Saks, and Zane paper (Igor)
  • 14/09 No lectures this day
  • 18/09 Paturi, Pudlak, Saks, and Zane paper (Igor)
  • 22/09New technique for solving sparse equation systems (Havard)
  • 25/09 New technique for solving sparse equation systems (Havard)
  • 28/09 (Igor)
  • ...

Papers :

The first lecture: September 4, at 10.15 in Grupperom 2103, Hoyteknologisenteret