Short CV: Fedor V. Fomin (Фёдор Владимирович Фомин)

I received my Master (1992) and PhD (1997) degrees from the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics, St. Petersburg State University, supervised by Prof. Nikolay Petrov. Here is a link to my page at the Mathematics Genealogy Project. I was an assistant professor at St. Petersburg State University (chair of Operations Research) till 1999. I was a postdoc in Chile (CMM and Universidad de Chile), in Czech Republic (ITI and Charles University), and in Germany (University of Paderborn). Since 2002, I am a professor in Algorithms, at the Department of Informatics, University of Bergen.

Editorial Boards

Algorithmica +++ SIAM J. Discrete Mathematics (SIDMA) +++ Information and Computation +++ Theoretical Computer Science +++ Diskretnyi Analiz i Issledovanie Operatsii

Conference PC Chair

CSR 2018 ICALP 2013 SWAT 2012 IWPEC 2009 WG 2006

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