Eva Burrows

Senior Technical Content Developer at MathWorks, Glasgow, since June 2016. This is her homepage while at the University of Bergen. To get in contact, check out her LinkedIn profile:

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  • PRIOR 2016

    Postdoctoral researcher at the University of Bergen, Department of Informatics, working within the Bergen Language Design Laboratory.


    • Parallel programming models
    • Programming language design and implementation
    • Algebraic specifications
    • Multicore programming
    • GPGPU programming

    She investigates the possibility of (arbitrary depth) nested parallel programming concepts based on multi-level Data Dependency Algebras (DDAs). The work includes various levels of parallelism from the on-chip parallelism of microprocessors via GPUs, FPGAs, etc up to parallel machine networks. She is combining DDA concepts with hardware programming with a strong focus on multicore and GPU programming (e.g. NVIDIA's CUDA).


    • E. Burrows: A CUDA Kernel Scheduler Exploiting Static Data Dependencies. 5th Workshop on Data-flow Execution Models for Extreme Scale Computing (Pact'15), October 2015 (.pdf)
    • E. Burrows: Algebraic Combinators for Data Dependencies and Their Applications. Proceedings of the 27th Nordic Workshop on Programming Theory, NWPT 2015. (abstract)
    • E. Burrows: Compiling a Dataflow-based Language Abstraction onto an FPGA. Advances in Parallel Computing (ParCo'13), 2014, Vol. 25, p. 507-514 (doi)
    • E. Burrows, M. Haveraaen: Programmable Data Dependencies and Placements. In: DAMP '12: Proceedings of the 7th workshop on Declarative aspects of multicore programming, 2012 (doi)
    • E. Burrows: Programming with Explicit Dependencies. A Framework for Portable Parallel Programming, PhD Thesis, University of Bergen, 2011 (.pdf)
    • E. Burrows, M. Haveraaen: Dependency-driven Parallel Programming. In: Norsk Informatikk Konferanse 2009. Tapir Akademisk Forlag 2009 (.pdf)
    • E. Burrows, M. Haveraaen: A Hardware Independent Parallel Programming Model. Journal of Logic and Algebraic Programming, 2009 (doi)
    • E. Burrows: Formulas as Programs, Master Thesis, University of Bergen, 2003 (.pdf)




    Spring 2015: INF329 Selected Topics in Programming Theory: Concurrent Programming

    Autumn 2010: INF220 Program Specification

    Spring 2008: INF329 Selected Topics in Programming Theory: Programming Models for Non-Traditional Architectures

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