Ski trip in Estonia: from East to West.

We were 3 fellows who decided to take a trip: Toomas Kiho, Valdur Hüvato and me. Our aim was to cross the whole mainland part of Estonia -- from East to West. Well, we chose the shortest possibility. See Kaart map.

Toomas and Valdur had made already a similar trip from the Northernmost to the Southernmost point in Estonia two years before. At that time it had taken 2 weeks... Vene kirik At the startpoint of our trip, in Raja village. We found it good to start from the ice of the lake Peipsi, which you can see back the Orthodox Church. The lake Peipsi is the biggest lake in Estonia. On the other side of the lake there is already Russia.

The weather was VERY fine almost the whole time but quite cold. The coldest night during that time was 32 C below zero. habe

This can be felt from our faces...


One can find many very fine and wild places on such a trip, otherwise it would have been unlikely to happen there. coffee break Coffee break

We tried to use, if possible, smaller roads to move on. It was not always possible because not every corner of Estonia is inhabited.

Hot meal Hot meal.

The days are not very long in Estonia in February, habe so it was usual to come to the next place in the darkness. We stayed overnight at some people's homes whom we knew before or in some friend's guesthouses. (Estonia is so little that it is almost always possible to find sombody whom you do know or some of your friends does know at certain place. The total cost for accommodation during the whole trip was thus under $0.-)

Well, the places we stayed for night used to have a bit more comforts:-) habe

ivar But who is the guy in the center?

Who did say that there do not grow any palm trees in Estonia? Tromsø palmid Well, in estonian these are called karuputked but norwegians call these palms of Tromsø .

Jõel Often it was easier to go along rivers when there were no roads in desired direction. The rivers do not go the shortest way but it was still easier than working one's way in deep snow. Often it was a problem that water had flown onto the ice (especially to Toomas and Valdur as they were still true to their old skis made of tree). Jõel

Soolumi We crossed two big wetlands

-- Kuresoo and Kikerpära wetland. Some thousands years ago had Estonian legendary hero from epos Kalevipoeg (based on old myths) made his way in those places. Namely, he helped to solve a quarrel between two sortserers who would be the owner of the wetland.

There one can see the sea already View to the sea and after 15 minutes less than exactly 7 days we were there: On the sea on the sea, 10 km. south from Pärnu. Tired but extremely happy.

March 21, 1996 /

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