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  PostDoc at the Algorithms Research Group Tel: +47 55 58 41 76
  Department of Informatics Fax: +47 55 58 41 99
  University of Bergen E-mail: charis "at" ii "dot" uib "dot" no
  N-5020 Bergen, Norway Http:


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 Old Stuff

1999-2005 Teaching Assistant, various courses in Computer Science.
2001-current Designed and developed a compact XRC client/server platform (, featuring: online/offline multimedia message exchange; chat (private or public rooms); video conferencing (multiple users conferencing simultaneously); file sharing (public and protected shares); multimedia player (with integrated mixer for every media channel); yellow pages; server controlled message broadcasting; software development toolbox for end-users extendibility; compact client (550Kbytes). x R c
1997-1998 Designed and developed "Parallel Algorithms" coursework into electronic form (CD-ROM) using visual and animation tools.



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