There are a few new rules that are brought about by the very special nature of Zakhara. Some are related to the culture and religion, others are merely a result of the climate. The rule on armor is an example of the last. The daytime heat is very high, making heavy armor unpract- ical, or even dangerous. Any character in Zakhara bearing armor better than AC 7, suffer a penalty to his Attack Roll and his proficiency and ability checks. This penalty is 1 pr. level of AC better than 7.

Another example of the dangers of Zakharan climate is that of de- hydration. Any character who for one day is unable to drink enough water, will suffer serious loss of constitution. This rule also applies to animals. Naturally, dehydration is most likely to happen in the desert. Another problem that will occur quite often in the desert, is that of wind and sand. Sandstorms not only cause damage to any creature caught in it, there is also a chance that it might cause temporary blindness. In some cases, the sandstorm might bury a person completely, causing them to suffocate if they are unable to dig free.

There are other rules, that are more a result of the Zakharan culture. One such is that of calling upon Fate. Fate is what, eventually decides what will happen in any given situation. If a character is killed by the lone goblin he is fighting, that was his fate. If the character is able to kill a noble genie in single combat, this was also ordained by fate. But it is possible to call upon fate, in any given situation. Mostly this is done when the danger of the situation seems to have gone beyond what the character can expect to be able to handle. Calling upon fate in practice means that the player casts a d100. On a roll of 01 or 02, fate will go in the favour of whoever calls upon fate. On a roll of 96 or worse, however, things will turn out even worse than they were.

The other "cultural" rule is that of the Evil Eye. Nearly all genies, and few non-genies, has the ability to cast the Evil Eye upon someone. The practical effect of which is that all saving throws are at minus 2, and will have trouble dealing with NPC's. Mistrust, at best, is what he or she will be met with. Any person who are praised and does not respond in a humble and modest way, must make a Wisdom check. Other- wise, a Genie near by will become aware of the situation, and cast the Evil Eye on the person. There exist magic both to cure and protect from the Evil Eye, but protection is a lot easier than cure, unfortunately.