There are several new proficiencies in Al-Qadim. Here follows a brief description of them (W=Warrior, P=Priest, R=Rogue, M=Mage (Wizard), G=General):

- Awareness (W,R; Wis):
Gives the ability to react immediately, if woken from a slumber. It also gives the ability to detect a backstab attempt from a thief.
- Begging (R; Cha):
Enables the character to pose as a beggar, and also to make a (very small) profit in this way.
- Bureaucracy (P,R; Wis):
Gives the ability to deal efficiently with large and/or official organizations.
- Debate (G; Int):
The ability to participate with success in debates, be they public, large, or just a one-on-one discussion.
- Display Weapon Prowess (W; Dex):
Impressive displays of weapon ability are made possible, with the possibility of affecting the morale of the spectators.
- Genie Lore (P,M; Int):
Grants insight into the world of Genies, both background information and proper protocol for dealing with Genies.
- Grooming (R; Dex):
A must to a barber. Gives the ability to make some other person look his or her best (makeup, hairstyle etc.).
- Haggling (G; Wis):
THE important skill if you don't want to be cheated at the bazar. Gives the ability to reduce the price you have to pay for items.
- Metalworking (G; Dex):
Goldsmith ability, in essence. Artistic work in different metals are made possible with this skill.
- Riding, Horse Specialization (W,R; Wis):
Anyone with this skill is not damaged when he/she falls of a horse, is able to jump onto a moving horse, can grab items on the ground whilst sitting in the saddle and can ride bareback with no problems.
- Riding, Camel Specialization (W,R; Wis):
Same as above, more or less, but for camels, not horses.

The following proficiencies are from The Complete Sha`irs Handbook. It is there stated that all of these are for wizards, but at least in a couple of cases, this seems strange. I have made changes where I feel it is appropriate.

- Clockwork Creation (M; Dex):
A skill primarily needed by clockwork mages for the creation of clockwork devices. Very rarely taught to others, but can be used to construct and repair non-magical mechanical devices.
- Numeracy (G; Int):
The ability to do numerical calculation, accounting etc.
- Numerology (M,P; Int):
The knowledge of the magical and mystic side of numbers.
- Sorcerous Dueling (M; Int):
The study of manipulating pure magical energy for the use in sorcerous duels - tightly controlled, ritual combat.
- Tattooing (R; Dex):
The art of injecting dyes beneath the surface of the skin, producing permanent pictures on the skin of a person.
- Undead knowledge (M, P; Wis):
The lore of undead creatures of all levels, habits, culture, diet, probable behavious in given situations, etc.