The Main menu / window

This is the first window that is displayed when the program is executed. At the top of the window there is a small menu, and the buttons on the left is shortcuts to some of the choices in these menus. There is a statusline just below this menu telling the user what to do next or what has been done. Before any analysis can be done, some data has to be loaded. The dataloader can be opened either by pressing the "Load gendata" button or by selecting this from the file menu. After this the analysis can begin. If the hierarchical method is selected (The button "Cluster"), a dendrogram will be inserted into the main window. Other methods such as SOM and Principal Component Analysis will be executed in a separate window. Note that if a different dataset is loaded and the cluster button is pressed once again, the dendrogram in the main window will be deleted. This will not happen with methods that execute in a separate window. Most of the commands have a separate help file. The desired function can be selected below.