How much does it cost to get involved in fencing?

   Beginner's dry fencing setup:  about $100 - $200 US
        Includes: cotton jacket, glove, dry weapon, mask

    FIE Competition setup:  about $500 - $1000 US
        Includes:  FIE 800N jacket & britches, FIE 800N mask, at least
           2 FIE (maraging) electric weapons, body cord, socks, glove,
           shoes, lame (foil & sabre only), sensor (sabre only).
        Note:  costs can be as much as halved by avoiding purchasing
           FIE certified clothing and arms.  While such equipment is
           required at national (Canada and Europe, but not USA) and
           international levels of competition, most local tournaments
           will overlook it.  If you use a cotton or synthetic knit
           jacket, however, be sure to wear a plastron underneath.

    Club costs vary, but are usually on the order of $50-$100 per year
    for each day per week of fencing.  Many clubs will provide or rent
    equipment to beginners.

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