How do I find a good fencing club?

    Start with your local Provincial or Divisional fencing association.
    If you don't know how to find them, contact your national fencing
    body (see question 16).  The local association will be able to tell
    you about officially recognized clubs in your area.  Many
    universities and colleges also sponsor fencing clubs and teams that
    will often accept non-students as members.  You might also check out
    courses or camps offered by local community centers.  Once you have a
    list of potential clubs, you will want to evaluate them and your
    needs.  Desirable qualities vary, depending on your skill level and
    what you want to get out of fencing.

    Ask the following questions when selecting your club (if you're not
    sure what you want, "yes" is a good answer to all these questions):
    Does it have an active beginners' program?  Are there enough fencers
    of your own skill level?  Are there some fencers above your skill
    level?  If you don't have your own equipment, does the club provide
    it?  Does the club have ample electric scoring boxes and reels?  Does
    the club emphasize the same weapons that you are interested in?  Do
    club members compete regularly?  Does the club have a master or
    coach?  Has he/she had many competitive successes either fencing or
    coaching?  Can you get individual lessons and instruction?  At no
    extra cost?

    Lastly, atmosphere is important to any social endeavour.  Choose a
    club that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed without sacrificing
    the athletic spirit that is essential to progress.

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