Faq III: References

3.7 Fencing Software

    There are several software packages available for the
    administration of fencing tournaments.  They generally provide for
    automated seeding, pooling, and elimination tableau organization,
    with the ability to display/print out intermediate and final
    results.  They are best suited for events with 15 to 250 or more
    entrants.  With less than 15 entrants, organization is generally
    just as fast by hand.

    ATHOS is a French program (by Christian Coulon of Paris), although
    the display and manuals are in French or English.  ATHOS is widely
    used at world levels of competition, including the 1993 and 1994
    U-20 World Championships.  It runs on DOS PCs.  It is the only
    official fencing software recognized by the CFF.  In the USA, the
    price is $250 (includes unlimited upgrades and support).  Contact
    Marc Walch (Marc.J.Walch@JPL.NASA.GOV, (818) 354 5688).

    Engarde is another French program (by F. F. Nicaud of Paris), and
    runs on Apple or PC.  Like ATHOS, it sees extensive use at
    international levels of competition, including the 1994 World
    Championships.  It is available in French only, and is freely
    reproducible.  Contact your national fencing organization for more

    Xseed is an American program (by Dan McCormick of Hudson, Ohio),
    supported by the USFA only.  It runs on DOS PCs.  Contact the USFA
    for more information.

    There are supposed to be other programs that are more common in
    other countries and languages, such as German and Italian.
    Contact the national fencing organizations of such countries to
    find out more.

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