Faq III: References

3.3 Fencing Books

    This list has been compiled from suggestions by rec.sport.fencing
    readers, and is far from complete.
    Alaux, Modern Fencing (Charles Scribner, ?)
    Anderson, All About Fencing (Arco, 1970)
    Angelo, The School of Fencing (Land's End Press, 1971)
    Beke & Polgar, The Methodology of Sabre Fencing (Corvina Press, 1963)
    Bower, Foil Fencing 7th Ed. (Brown & Benchmark, 1993)
    Campos, The Art of Fencing (Vantage Press, 1988)
    Castello, The Theory and Practice of Fencing (Charles Scribner, 1933)
    Castello, Fencing (Ronald Press, 1962)
    Castle, The Schools and Masters of Fence (Arms & Armour Press, 1969)
    Crosnier, Fencing with the Foil (Faber & Faber, 1951)
    Curry, The Fencing Book (?, 1984)
    Deladrier, Modern Fencing (U.S. Naval Institute, 1948, reprint 1954)
    FIE, Rules of Competition (AFA, CFF, USFA, etc., every year)
    de Beaumont, Fencing: Ancient Art and Modern Sport (?, ?)
    Garret, Kaidanov, & Pezza, Foil, Sabre, and Epee Fencing (Penn State, 1994)
    Gaugler, Fencing Everyone (Hunter, 1987)
    Hutton, The Sword and the Centuries (Charles E. Tuttle, 1980)
    Lukovich, Electric Foil Fencing (Corvina Press, 1971)
    Lukovich, Fencing (Corvina Press, 1986)
    Morton, A-Z of Fencing (Queen Anne, 1988)
    Nadi, On Fencing (G.P. Putnam, 1943) (Laureate Press, 1994)
    Palffy-Alpar, Sword and Masque (FA Davis, 1967)
    Pitman, Fencing, Techniques of Foil, Epee, and Sabre (Crowood, 1988)
    Manley, Compleate Fencing (Doubleday, 198?)
    Selberg, Foil (Addison-Wesley, 1976)
    Selberg, Revised Foil (Spotted Dog Press, 1993?)
    Simmons and Morton, Start Fencing (Sportman's Press, 1989)
    Simonian, Basic Foil Fencing 2nd Ed. (Kendall/Hunt, 1982)
    Szabo, Fencing and the Master (Corvina Kiado, 1982)
    Wyrick, Foil Fencing (W.B. Sanders, 1971)

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