Faq II: Equipment & Maintenance:

2.4 Gloves

     Gloves should have leather or equivalent construction in the
     fingers and palm, have a long cuff to cover the sleeve opening,
     and have an opening for the bodywire.  They should not fit too
     snugly, or they will be more susceptable to tearing.  Varying
     degrees of padding are available in the back of the hand and
     fingers, which can be useful for epee and sabre fencers.

     Gloves can deteriorate rapidly under heavy use, often lasting a
     single season or less.  Some gloves are washable; saddle soap or
     other leather treatment can extend the lives of other gloves

     Economical alternatives to genuine fencing gloves include
     precision welding gloves, motorcycle gloves, and even common
     workman's gloves available at any hardware store, provided the
     fingers and palm are unpadded and supple enough to maintain the
     feel of the blade.  It may be prudent to hand-stitch a longer
     gauntlet onto the cuff, if the normal one doesn't cover the
     sleeve opening.  In all these cases, a small wire opening may
     have to be cut into the wrist.

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