Faq II: Equipment & Maintenance:

2.3 Shoes

     Fencing shoes are ideal, but often expensive.  They
     characteristically have leather "skid pads" on the inside front
     of the shoe, and a sole that wraps back over the heel.  Adidas
     makes low- and high-top models that are known for their quality,
     but can be quite expensive and hard to find in North America.
     Cheaper brands from Eastern Europe and China are also available.

     Lightweight indoor court shoes (such as for squash, badminton,
     racquetball, or volleyball) make excellent low-cost alternatives.
     Asics, Hi-Tec, Reebok, Etonic, and Adidas have all been
     recommended by rec.sport.fencing readers for manufacturing models
     that are useful for fencing.

     Some fencers claim that wrestling shoes can be adapted for
     fencing, although they may not offer much support.  Many outdoor
     athletic shoes and running shoes are too bulky or heavy for
     fencing, or provide inadequate lateral stability.
2.3.1 Inserts

     Hard heel cups are widely used to absorb the impact of lunges.
     They are integrated into many models of fencing shoe, but can be
     purchased separately from specialty athletic and orthopedics
     stores for other shoes.  Softer rubber (eg. Sorbothane) inserts
     are also commonly used to provide extra cushioning or prevent
     chronic injuries from flaring.

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