1.16 What are the new FIE rules for 1994/1995?

        - In foil, the bib is on target as of Oct 1, 1995.
        - 800N underarm protector (plastron) is required in addition
          to the regular 800N jacket.
        - Clothing may be of different colours, but those on the body
          must be white or light-coloured.
        - Minimum width of the strip is now 1.5 metres.

        - Salute of opponent, referee, and audience is mandatory at
          the start and end of the bout.

        - Coin flip to determine winner in the event of a tie shall be
          made at end of regulation time, and one additional minute
          shall be fenced.  The winner of the coin toss shall be
          recorded as the victor if the bout is not resolved by sudden
          death in the extra minute.
        - No more 1-minute warning, although fencers can request the
          time remaining at any normal halt in the action.
        - Fencers shall be placed at the en garde lines at the
          commencement of each 3-minute period in 15-touch elimination

        - In sabre, simultaneous attacks that both arrive on the valid
          target do not result in any points being scored.
        - In sabre, any action in which the rear leg is crossed in
          front of the fore shall be penalized with a yellow card, or
          a red card if a yellow has already been given.  Any touch
          scored by the penalized fencer resulting from the cross-over
          action shall not be scored, although a properly-executed
          touch from the opponent is still valid.
        - In the team relay, the first pair of fencers fence to 5
          points or 4 minutes, whichever comes first.  The next pair
          continue from this score up to 10 points within 4 minutes,
          and so on up to a total score of 45 points.

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