PART I: General

1.1 What sports and martial arts comprise fencing?
1.2 How did fencing originate? *** new ***
Which is the best weapon?
1.4 Is fencing going to be eliminated from the Olympics?

Getting Started:
1.5 Does it hurt?
1.6 What is the best weapon for a beginner to start with?
1.7 How long does it take to become good?
1.8 What qualities make a good fencer?
1.9 How much does it cost to get involved in fencing?
1.10 How do I find a good fencing club?

1.11 What kind of cross-training will help my fencing?
1.12 How can I improve my technique without the help of a coach?

1.13 What is right of way?
1.14 What constitutes an attack?
1.15 What constitutes a parry?
1.16 What are the new FIE rules for 1994/1995?

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