A Bibliography of the Art and Sport of Fencing

by Henk Pardoel

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The authors introduction: First, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Henk Pardoel and I am a graduate student at the School of Physical and Health Education at Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada. I am also an avid fencer, and I have been involved with teaching fencing at the University for eight years. Recently, I published the first Canadian edition of "A Bibliography of the Art and Sport of Fencing"

About the book

This edition is a black and white, perfect bound soft-cover publication. It contains over 1,900 entries with some illustrations and was released on November 4th, 1995. This publication is sold for $25.50 (Cdn) plus shipping. Its ISBN number is 0-88911-722-5.

A second and deluxe version entitled "The Complete Bibliogrpahy of the Art and Sport of Fencing" will be released in May of 1996. This commemorative edition is richly illustrated and will acknowledge the participation of 100 years of fencing in the Olympic games. It will also commemorate the centennial of Carl Thimm's extensive bibliography on fencing and duelling. With a hard-cover, this library quality version of the complete bibliography will contain over 2,500 entries and will be sold for $65.00 (Cdn) plus shipping.


Those wishing to order either edition may do so by contacting Henk Pardoel through the School of Physical and Health Education, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario. K7L-3N6, by Fax: 1-(613)-545-2009, or through e-mail at 3hwmp@qlink.queensu.ca. He may also be reached at 831 Haig Road, Lansdowne, Ontario, Canada, K0E-1L0, Telephone : H: (613) 382-4981 or W: (613) 547-5580.


The author asks those who are ordering, especially by e-mail, to include where they are sending their mail from. He has found that some e-mail addresses are difficult to decipher and shipping costs vary from country to country.


Henk Pardoel: " A unique problem which has presented itself while attempting to locate material on fencing is a difficultly in obtaining foreign material. In order to assure the completeness of my commemorative fencing bibliography I am sending out a request to all avid fencers to help me in this endeavour. I am looking for fencing literature from around the world to add both to my listings and to verify existing entries. I am specifically interested in locating material from South America, Spain, Asia, Eastern Bloc Countries, and Nordic Countries. The information which I require should be in the form of a book, a manual, a manuscript, a yearbook, a published photograph/lithograph, a painting depicting fencing, a magazine article, a movie or an e-mail address. Newspaper article listings may be sent, however, they will not be used in my written bibliography but may be used in a future CD-rom edition of the bibliography.

Respondents will be gratefully acknowledged in my upcoming publication. This information should arrive before the end of May, 1996 in order for it to be included in my commemorative edition.If individual contributions are significant I will send the respondent a free copy of my first bibliography."

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