Summary: a touch in a (foil) fencing bout.

(From Al Danial:

A 1152x900 gif file (takes 616k in binary form, 849k as a uuencoded text file) of a black and white photo showing me scoring a touch in a fencing bout. The foreground has my opponent with both feet a few inches off the ground in the middle of a fleche attack, and me sort of bent over and twisted to my right side with my blade bent around his attacking arm and tip placed on his chest. The scoring box on the table indicates a valid touch but the light is small and hard to make out. The background shows the inside of the gymnasium with other strips and fencers competing and hanging out.

Me: Al Danial (right, showing dubious form)

My opponent: James King, Ft Wayne, IN (left, mask #397)

Result of the bout: 5-0 I won.

Result of the tournament: I took 2nd place [20 entrants in MF] (1st place: Jim Owen, Indianapolis)

Photographer: Steve Kasper, Indianapolis, IN

Event: Indiana Univ. Fall 92 Open (USFA 'D' rated tournament)

Location: HPER building, IU, Bloomington, IN

Date: Oct. 10-11, 1992