Fencing World Wide

Austraila Louisiana LSU Fencing Club, which is where you are right now!, Baton Rouge New Orleans Fencing Academy, New Orleans. Texas The Lone Star Fencing Center, Dallas. The North Texas Division: USFA. Rice University Fencing Club, Houston. The Gulf Coast Division : USFA. Utah USU Fencing Club, Utah State University. Wisconsin Durendal Fencing Club in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. Misc SCA Fencing, a different sort of thing. Fencing around the World Australia: Tasmania University Fencing Club in Australia.(Gopher) Canada UW Fencing club at the University of Waterloo, Canada. 'Hosted' by Mike Buckley Contains Mike's fencing page, which has an experimental FIE RULES page. Norway: The national fencing association of Norway. The Art of Fencing, in Norway has lots of good information including schedules on European fencing. United Kingdom: Warwick's fencing club in Coventry, Great Britain. Back to the LSU Fencing Home Page. This page is maintained by tom@sun-