There are tree ways:

You can mail me and include the information you wish to present in the fencing page in your mail, and I will incorporate it.

You can ftp your stuff to (Login: 'anonymous', passwd: your email), put it under /INCOMING. Remember: use 'bin' with pictures etc., tell me that you done it (email). Then I'll make it available (in the WWW)

You can mail me an adress to the web page you want a link to. And I'll link you in.

PLEASE, if possible, say if you don't want to be credited for the contribution.

If you wounder about the copyrigth issues, see the copyrigth page.

Some links for those of you who want to make your owm pages:

Beginner's guide.
Quick start to writing HTML. Marc Andreessen,

Style Guide.
A guide to how to organize and write online hypertext. Tim Berners-Lee,

About HTML
Hypertext markup language. All about it.

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