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Department of Informatics.
University of Bergen, Norway.

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Hi, this photo is taken at Oppheim. (Near Bergen). I and a friend of mine where guiding seven students from Lubeck, Germany. Here we are at the top of Narrefjell, some 600 m.o.o. It was a rather funny trip, the germans weren't used to go skiing in a terrain whith slopes, we actually used longer time going downhill than we used going upwards. This trip was in 93'. I've talked to a couple of them last season, they all tell me that they now know how to ski the "telemark" way. Well, this remains to bee seen.

(Until I have gotten a scan of the Oppheim photo, you have to be satisfied with this photo of the Intel Paragon.)


The current project is High Performance Fortran: compilers, scalability and evaluation (of hpf).

Philosophy from the University of Bristol, UK.

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