Separating Exceptional Concerns

Anya Helene Bagge

(Short Paper)


Anya Helene Bagge. Separating Exceptional Concerns. In Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Exception Handling (WEH'12), pages 49–51. IEEE, 2012.


5th International Workshop on Exception Handling (WEH'12), Zürich, Switzerland, 2012, proceedings pp.49–51

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Traditional error handling mechanisms, including exceptions, have several weaknesses that interfere with maintainability, flexibility and genericity in software: Error code is tangled with normal code; reporting is tangled with handling; and generic code is locked into specific ways of reporting and handling errors. We need to deal with errors in a declarative way, where the concerns of errors, error reporting and error handling are separated and dealt with individually by the programmer.

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