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Institutt for informatikk seminar: Thursday 22 feb, kl. 14:15

Structuring Theories across Logical Systems

Prof Alfio Martini

Dept. of Computer Science, UFRGS, Porto Alegre, Brazil

The integration in a sound and structured way of several specifications (or views) of a system is a key research area in (modern) software specification and development. Especially for the specification of large software systems, heterogeneous muli-logic specifications are needed, since complex problems have different aspects that are best specified in different logics.

In this talk we concentrate in developing the abstract mathematical structures to define both the syntactical and semantical domains of heterogenous structured specifications (or theories). These theories are glued together by a construction called bridge, which is defined on top of a set of very flexible notions of logic representations. A family of categories of bridges are defined by using Grothedieck constructions over suitable indexed categories. Syntax and semantics are then related in a functorial way.

We illustrate the applicability of the approach with the specification of two different interpreters for a small imperative language. Comparison with related work and discussion of future research are also provided.

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