Research interests    
My main area of interest is the numerical solution of Differential Equations. Here is a list of topics I am interested in at present. Many of these can be suitable for a Master Project or PhD project.
If you are interested, please take contact with  Antonella Zanna,
  1.  Geometric methods for Hamiltonian/Poisson problems, variational integrators, Lagrangian mechanics, nonholonomic systems
  2.  Splitting methods
  3.  Volume preserving methods for divergence-free vector fields
  4.  Highly oscillatory equations
  5.  Applications to molecular dynamics
  6.  Lie-group methods
  7.  Integration of differential equations on manifolds
Geometric methods in image processing with applications to biomedical imaging
  1.  Diffusion Tensor Imaging
  2.  Rigid/non rigid registration
  3.  Level sets, segmentation
Other  research interests: