Virtual Presence Engine

VPE is a post-Doom graphics engine. Most of its features are common to all Doom-clones but some are sort of new (like TRUE rooms above rooms).

I decided to release full source code for VPE and its utilities. The technology is outdated but I am sure someone will find the source code useful. Feel free to play with it as much as you want but if you decide to make any money using it or distribute a program made with VPE, please, contact me.

Some cool features:

I wrote VPE at the time when I was learning 3D programming so please excuse my code writing. If I were making this engine now I would have coded everything much better... I guess ;-)

This is the last version and there will be no updates as I stopped working on the engine.

If you have any comments or just want to discuss some 3D stuff, please, mail me at

BTW I would really appreciate it if you used -d switch when unzipping the archives as half of all the letters I received contained complains about VPE not being able to find a file ;-)

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