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Visual Computing Forum

The Visual Computing Forum, or VCF, is a series of seminars organized by the visualization group with selected talks from the fields of visualization, image processing, computer graphics, and so on. The individual seminars are arranged approximately once a month, on Fridays from 11am to 12am, and they will be interleaved with the MedViz seminars. They will be held either at the H°yteknologisenteret or at the VilVite Science Center.
If you wish to be informed about upcomming VCF events, please write an e-mail to "", "" or "".   Seminars calendar   

     March 13, 2015

Title: CAVER - Analysis and Visualization of Protein Structure

Speaker: Barbora Kozlikova (Assistant Professor at Masaryk University in Brno)

Place: Room 3137, 3rd floor, H°yteknologisenteret (data blokk)

Time: Friday March 13, 2015, from 10.15am to 11.15am

The talk aims to present the background of the CAVER project which is dedicated to analysis and visualization of proteins. Our algorithms are focusing namely on the detection and classification of inner void space. This long-term project is baed on a tight cooperation with the group of biochemists. In the talk I'll concentrate on the main principle and future challenges of this project.

Additional material: Flyer

     February 06, 2015

Title: Quantitative analysis of dynamic contrast enhanced MR (DCE-MRI) data of the kidney

Speaker: Erlend Hodneland (MedViz PostDoc at

Place: Room 3137, 3rd floor, H°yteknologisenteret (data blokk)

Time: Friday February 06, 2015, from 10.15am to 11.15am

Quantitative analysis of DCE-MRI data from the kidney has the potential to become a clinically highly useful imaging modality for the non-invasive investigation of organ function. There are major challenges related to perfusion imaging of the human kidney that I want to address. The processing pipeline has several components: choice of MR sequence, breathing pattern, conversion to tracer concentrations, motion correction, segmentation of kidney and arterial input function (AIF), and compartment modelling for estimating the filtration and perfusion. The reproducibility between repeated MR scans is high, but a comparison to clinical standards for kidney filtration reveals that the MR estimates for filtration are still not within the range for active clinical use. In this presentation I will address the challenges related to the processing pipeline.

Additional material: Flyer

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