INF359-project 2                     

Weather data – Flesland


Visualization of weather data 1/1/2000 – 31/12/2010 station number 50500, Flesland, Bergen.

-        Average air pressure at station level in HectoPascal (POM)

-        Precipitation in millimeter (RR)

-        Mean temperature in Celsius (TAM)














The data is visualized in a 2D view.

The x-axis represents time and the y-axis represents air pressure.

-        air pressure is visualized as a spline

-        precipitation as the width of the spline

-        temperature as the color of the spline



The pressure and temperature data are discrete samples of continuous values.

I have used a Catmull-Rom spline for data interpolation.

There are six different color scales. Color scales are seen along the x-axis.




Click to show the data values for the according x-value.




With a longer time period, the visual info is lost.

It helps to show the precipitation as point size instead of spline width.








-        Brush by click and drag to show selected time frame in a new window.

-        Scroll to broaden or narrowing a time frame.

-        Drag time frame sideways.

-        Drag and drop form one window to another to show more than one spline in one view.










The last 10 days of December 2004-2009.




The view shows great variation of air pressure between the years.

The most precipitation is found in 2004, and the least in 2008.

 It is difficult to estimate the exact temperature from the color scales.

Min temperature is -10.9⁰C, max temperature is 24.2⁰C.

-        It could be helpful to show a temperature scale below the color scales.  






Low pressure = rain?



Data from all the years in one view requires sampling of the data set.

The whole truth is not shown. (View resolution is 430x1005)




Show data from several years in one view, or slide the view sideways.

-        More precipitation at lower air pressures.

-        Less variation in air pressure during the summer moths than in the winter months.








Implementation Details:

-        C++, Qt, OpenGL



-        K. Matkovi´c, D. Graˇcanin, Z. Konyha, and H. Hauser.

Colorlines view: An approach to visualization of families of function graphs.


-        Havre, S., Hetzler, B., and Nowell, L. 2000.

ThemeRiver: Visualizing theme changes over time.