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Course INF359 (VISUAL2): Selected Topics in Visualization (utvalde emner i visualisering)

Lab Assignment one - Visual II - Andreas Lie

Toon shading results presented. First image has regular light source (from viewpoint). Second picture has the light positioned at an alternate place (top right corner) which gooch et al. claims to be more realistic or what people would expect from normal conditions. (i.e. sun) Video

Cool to warm shading results. Left side (first) is shading with only blue (cold) and yellow (warm) applied. Right side (second) follows the color blending presented by gooch et al. Both cases has the alternate light position. Video

Contour shading/lines. A novel try to achieve uniform thickness of contour lines. Left side has thickness controlling exponent set very low, the right has the exponent set high to get more uniform lines. Video

Side view from contour rendered image, with exponent set to get nice silhuette/contour of head dataset.

Contours continued. Left side has contours and a change in the transfer function for the cranium. Right side is a MIP-rendering of the head, with color/opacity peaks around skull (high density) and skin (lower density).

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