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The visualization group at the UiB dep. of informatics in Bergen, Norway, offers a number of courses for students who specialize in visualization.   Most courses are part of a Master studies plan, specialized on visualization.  

Fall Courses
Spring Courses

Visualization, INF252

Base course in visualization, including visualization basics, volume & flow visualization, and information visualizaiton.

   image is based on a visualization by Markus Hadwiger at

VisSeminar, INF358

Seminar in visualization: how to research and present. 

Note that this course is also called VISUAL. 

   image = result from a research cooperation with and


Computer Graphics, INF251

Base course in computer graphics, including basics of modeling, shading, and rendering.

   image the PhD thesis of Stephan Mantler (Univ. of Vienna)

VisSpecial, INF359

Selected topics in visualization put emphasis on essential visualization theoretical backgroud.

Note that this course is also called VISUAL2.

   periodic blue sky bifurcation, (polygonal model courtesy of Tino Weinkauf and Holger Theissel)

All Year Courses

VisProject, INF219/INF319

Project in visualization: hands-on experience by implementing a visualization assignment.

   image = result from a previous student project at Univ. of Vienna


Master Thesis

The Master thesis project is the fundamental part of the Master study programme in Visualization.


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