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The focus of the project is is to develop novel graphics data representations, visual representations, occlusion handling, visual guidance and storytel-ling, zooming, interaction and integration of physiological models and medical imaging. The visualization technology will be developed and evaluated on multiple scale levels, from molecular machines, up to the organ level.

Interactive molecular illustration

Physiological processes are of the temporal and spatial multi-scale and ranges from molecular level to the whole organism. Many of the processes have their begining in the molecular scale. Important processes such as polymerization, diffusion, reactions are all happening in the crowded environment full of different molecules. Also those processes have vast temporal range from nanoseconds (diffusion) to seconds (polymerization). Our first focus is therefore on the illustrative visualization of physiological processes in the molecular scale to provide intuitive visual representation, which the user can observe and interact with. Read more ...

Research Staff

Helwig Hauser


Ivan Viola

Associate Professor

Stefan Bruckner


Julius Parulek

Post Doctor

Ivan Kolesar

Ph.D. Student

Pina Kingman


Mathieu Le Music

Ph.D. Student, TU Wien

Manuela Waldner

Post Doctor, TU Wien

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