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Preparing a technical report

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Preparing the report

In order to prepare a LaTeX file with the IIreport.cls class file, download the following files and put them in your texinputs directory: Also download and run LaTeX on the following sample file and follow the instructions in this file on how to proceed in making your report:

Submitting the report

  • A faculty member (professor/ associate professor) must check and approve the report. There will be no further quality checks.
  • Get a report number from Bastiansen ( ONLY do this when the manuscript is ready for publication).
  • Finalize the report using the guidelines above.
  • The report should be submitted to the department head by e-mail by the faculty member that has approved it.
    The e-mail should contain:
    • the following text from the front page of the report:
      • complete list of authors
      • title
      • report number
      • month and year
    • the report itself (as a pdf file) as an attachment