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Spring school in algorithms

Ustedalen hotel, Geilo, Norway
April 1-4, 2005

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The school starts at 15:00 on April 1, and stops at 13:00 on April 4. There will be three 5 hour tutorials given by Hajo Broersma (Graph Coloring), Martin Grohe (Parameterized Algorithms ) , and Gerhard Woeginger (Approximation Algorithms).

Detailed program

The abstract of Martin Grohe's tutorial

The abstract of Gerhard Woeginger's tutorial

The abstract of Hajo Broersma's tutorial


Unfortunately, we lost many of the photos, due to a disk crash at a central web server...

Photos by Arist Kojevnikov and Alexander Kulikov

Photos by Fedor Fomin

About Geilo

Geilo is renowned as one of the best winter sports resorts in Northern Europe, located in the mountains between Oslo and Bergen (approximately 4 hours by train from each city). Geilo lies at an altitude of 800 meters with its highest alpine slope starting at 1178 meters above sea level. This ensures good snow conditions throughout the winter. Geilo offers 35 varied and well groomed downhill slopes and 18 lifts with a capacity of 22000 persons pr. hour. Moreover, there are excellent possibilities for cross country, with approximately 500 km of trails, both in the valley and in the mountains. The most convenient way of going to Geilo is by train from Oslo or from Bergen. There are also buses from Oslo and Bergen to Geilo.


The intended participants are final-year master students, doctoral students and post-docs in fields related to the themes of the school. Participants should have a basic knowledge of algorithms. The number of participants will be limited to a maximum of about 40. There will be no participation fee. Accommodation and organized meals are free for all registered student and post-doc participants between the dates of April 1 and 4. For a limited number of student participants we can also support their travel. Since the school is sponsored by NoNA, the students from NoNA groups will have a priority.

Students who want to participate in the school should send an application letter containing the following information


and to organize a brief letter of reference by a university professor before February 5, to Pinar Heggernes pinar*at*

List of participants

Practical information

There will be a vehicle from Ustedalen Hotel waiting at Geilo train station for transport to the hotel. The hotel is merely at a 700 m distance from the station, but you can at least get your luggage transported. This vehicle from the hotel will meet the trains arriving at 13:40 from Bergen and at 14:43 from Oslo on April 1.

The alpine and cross country facilities are located very close to the hotel, at 200 m distance.

The hotel provides free wireless internet connection for participants who bring laptops that are equipped to benefit from this.

Organized meals and water (including coffee, tea, milk, and juice for breakfast) are free, but participants will have to pay for other drinks that they might like to order. If you charge drinks to your room, please remember to pay for these when you check out.

The travel grants are announced by email to those who are granted. Remember to keep all receipts and tickets, because you will need to send us original travel documents when claiming travel reimbursement. More information will be sent by email. Here is the form that you will have to fill out to receive your travel grant.

If you need accommodation outside of the nights between April 1 and 4 in Geilo or during your travel, please arrange this yourself.

Further information

For further information, please contact one of the organizers:

Fedor Fomin , fomin*at*

Pinar Heggernes , pinar*at*